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#34: 30 September 2009

New Hope For Well-Qualified Unemployed

By Timothy Bentley

Do you know unemployed people whose job applications get no attention because they look like hundreds of others?

Millions of people are competing for the same handful of jobs. They're frustrated and demoralized.

At Panoramic Feedback, we saw that 360 degree feedback assessments could make well-qualified job-seekers stand out for recruiters.

But there's a catch-22. Most people have access to feedback only if they are already employed, by an organization that uses 360s!

New individual focus

We're proud to announce that's changed.

Our solution is to make 360s available to job-seekers directly, at a price they can afford.

This week we launched MY360 Degree Feedback, which allows them to initiate their own assessment whenever they need it. It takes only minutes to set up online

We think it could introduce profound change to the recruitment process.

Recruiting benefits

The primary beneficiaries of MY360 will be people seeking new or improved jobs.

They'll be able to enhance their resumes with a feedback report that says "Open me first" to employers.

At the hiring end, it will help recruiters do their job more quickly and effectively by highlighting those who, in the judgement of others, have strong skills.

Currently, they're drowning in look-alike applications, naturally cynical about self-serving claims, and desperate for authentic data.

MY360 will identify those high-value candidates who show flexibility, appreciate feedback, continue to grow, and are highly regarded by colleagues.

Skills Development

MY360 will also support the traditional use of feedback: for self-development. It will tell workers how their skills are viewed by those who know their work best, guiding and inspiring them as they set about expanding their skill sets.

MY360 will help coaches do their best work, supporting their efforts anytime their clients need external feedback.

Please take a look

If you'd like to know more, check out

I hope you'll share the link with anyone who is struggling to find appropriate employment, and those who recruit them.

And please contact us, if you have comments or suggestions for improvement.

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