10 Reasons to Make Panoramic Feedback Your 360-Degree Feedback Solution

CUSTOMIZABILITY: makes your 360 powerful

Panoramic Feedback gives you the power to tailor questionnaires and reports to suit your unique requirements — at no extra charge.

Compare with off-the-shelf questionnaires that never quite fit your needs, creating confusion for participants.

EXPERIENCE: you can rely on it

Our leading-edge technology is backed up by the best support systems for the entire 360 process, including the crucial pre- and post-360 phases.

Panoramic Feedback’s founders bring two decades of experience in organization development and leadership coaching to our design. We've helped over a million people provide feedback.

You get the world’s most evolved 360-degree feedback system, plus the best support in the industry.

SPEED OF DEPLOYMENT: get started at once

Panoramic Feedback’s intuitive design means you can start the same day, and create a project in 1-2 hours. (Some providers require extensive training or several days’ delay to set up your account.)

Unlike others, you never have to install, configure, or maintain software. We pioneered cloud-based software.

CONTINUOUS INNOVATION: the best technology

With technology advancing so quickly, would you purchase anything that will quickly become outdated? (We wouldn’t either.)

Panoramic Feedback prides itself on keeping abreast of new technologies and developments in 360-degree feedback. We promise free instant upgrades and updates, automatically, for life!


We're committed to the highest principles of confidentiality. All data is protected on our secure server, on the highly secure Linux platform. (A back-up server provides extra insurance).

Anonymity and security are protected with password-protected access. Even project administrators cannot identify particular responders with particular responses. (Our data transfers are encrypted at 128-bit SSL.)

REPORTS: participants easily understand their reports

A clear report makes all the difference. Your participants will appreciate the colorful graduated charts, with optional, highly-motivating comparisons to the group or to their own previous feedback.

Reports are available moments after the last rater has completed the questionnaire. This maintains participants' momentum, so their new-found knowledge can motivate their development process.

Optional Group Reports provide your leaders with an extraordinary range of aggregated information to guide strategic planning.

FULLY PORTABLE SYSTEM: work where convenient

All the administrator needs is a computer with Internet connection - at work, at home, or on the road. Because you own your data, you can take it offline in PDF or spreadsheet format.

Responders can reply from their home or work computer, even by smartphone.


You’re not alone with your project. We pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. We’ll support you with instant online help and tutorials, or timely advice from your account manager.

Many of our clients have taken the time to personally recommend Panoramic Feedback. See what they say about us.

VALUE FOR MONEY: no hidden fees

Our model is simple: the most professional, reliable, easy-to-use 360-degree feedback solution - at a competitive price.

ELIMINATE RISK: 60-day money-back guarantee

So there's nothing to lose.

Frankly, it wasn’t easy to get that list down to 10. So here are a few more reasons to select Panoramic Feedback:

  • Extensive library of questions to choose from, or use your own, to make the perfect questionnaire
  • Flexibility: self-administer, or let our administration service do the work, saving you time and money
  • 50+ languages, so your participants can work comfortably in their own language
  • Rich feature set so you get the reports you need
  • Excellent training and coaching materials because we care that your 360 is a success
  • User-friendly design means no steep learning curves and no time wasted

Hundreds of organizations globally enjoy the benefits of Panoramic Feedback’s universal access, in the financial, manufacturing, and health care sectors, governments, non-profits, consulting firms, and more.

We hope you’ll join them.