Data Provided By The Group Report

A wealth of data

The Panoramic Group Report provides an extraordinary range of information to guide your strategic planning:

360-degree feedback illustration
  • Focus on ventures that capitalize on your competitive advantage: people
  • Avoid strategies that require capabilities where the organization is not strong
  • Coach and train selectively, wherever new skills are needed
  • Calculate a more accurate value for the organization that includes human assets

3 classes of information:

Reports focused on organizational results

  • Graph-format results for all headings
  • Graph-format results for behaviors under each heading
  • Table-format results for all headings
  • Table-format results for behaviors under each heading
  • Table-format results for all behaviors, displayed without headings
  • Special reports for dual-scale questions

Reports focused on the individuals assessed

  • Average rating for each individual
  • Results listed by all individuals
  • Individuals' results listed by heading

Reports of the level of response to the 360

  • Overall response rate, and response rate for each individual
  • Response rate by each category of responder, overall and for each individual


Generate individual reports for departments, divisions, locations, etc.

Generate valuable additional analysis: data ordered by mean, median, and/or standard deviation will tell you more about distribution of strengths and weaknesses.