Standard and Enterprise Editions

360-Degree Feedback Illustration

Our two Editions allow users to choose whether they need advanced features.

Standard Edition:

Full-Featured 360 Capabilities

The Standard Edition provides full 360-degree feedback functionality, customization, and flexibility, as described in Features Overview.

Enterprise Edition:

360 For More Demanding Users

The Enterprise Edition is specially designed for the organization that requires advanced capabilities.

It includes all Standard features, plus these:

Convenient Management Of Participant Data

Conveniently imports subject and responder data from address books, HRIS etc., ensuring accuracy, saving you time and effort, allowing you to analyze organizational results more fully.

Admins don't have to select responders

Administrators no longer face the daunting task of managing thousands of responder email addresses. Subjects being assessed enter their own responders on a simple portal.

Automatic report delivery

Administrators no longer have to generate the reports, then deliver each one to the individual concerned. They simply tell the system when they want the reports delivered, and it emails them out on that date.

Group Report

This aggregate compilation from one or more projects contributes to organizational strategy by revealing areas of strength to exploit, weaknesses that could derail initiatives, needs for training and coaching. Plus, it helps you understand and improve response patterns in your 360.

Self-Development Series

This CD guides subjects to get the most from their 360-degree feedback. Describes over 40 key competencies, 1000 behaviors, with action suggestions, tips, training courses, books, video, and audiotapes.

Comparative Reporting

Reports with comparative data support the pursuit of excellence. They allow individuals to see their performance in the context of the results of their group or their own results in previous 360s.

Enhanced Content Control For Questionnaires

Your questionnaires will provide more valuable date with:

  • Dual-Scale questions (Example: "Skill" & "Importance")
  • Flexible comment box placement
  • Formattable text blocks