New Features From Panoramic Feedback

Panoramic Feedback announces two valuable new features designed to reduce the workload of its customers.

Admins don't have to select responders

The new Panoramic Feedback responder portal means that administrators no longer face the daunting task of managing thousands of responder email addresses.

It allows the option of shifting the responsibility for entering email addresses of responders from the administrator to the subjects being assessed. The system then automatically sends these responders an invitation to provide feedback.

Because administrators often need to check the subjects' progress in choosing responders, Panoramic Feedback built a new report that flags individuals who are slow to act.

Panoramic Feedback's developers also added a tool that makes it easy for subjects to fix any incorrect addresses they entered, freeing administrators from having to correct other people's mistakes.

Automatic report delivery

Another new feature from Panoramic Feedback delivers feedback reports automatically to subjects. This option is especially valuable for organizations that prefer to provide the reports direct to the subject, rather than through a coach or supervisor.

Administrators no longer have to generate the reports, then deliver each one to the individual concerned. They simply tell the system when they want the reports delivered, and it emails them out on that date.

It's automatic, easy, and efficient.