Smart User Interface

The state-of-the-art Panoramic Feedback interface makes your setup of projects intuitive, speedy, and clear.

SASS (our Smart Administration System for Surveys) will make sense from your very first glimpse.

New user interface

A logical tab system guides you through project development. And powerful grid tables help you manage your data directly.

SASS features unique 'popup' help messages. There's no longer a need for your administrator to attend traditional costly multi-day training courses. And there's no delay waiting for separate help programs to load.

Users can train themselves in minutes while setting up their first project. And of course, we continue to offer free individualized training by phone.


Panoramic Feedback's low-training approach offers savings and other advantages:

  • The how-to knowledge can be quickly acquired by several people, rather than being restricted to one highly-trained person (who might move to another position).
  • No training fees.
  • No productivity loss while the administrator attends a course.
  • No travel and accommodation costs.