The Complete 360-Degree Feedback Resource Kit

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Detailed Outline

Volume 1.

Process Management Handbook

A 3-chapter manual with everything you need to know about managing the 360-degree feedback process.

  • All about 360-degree feedback. The importance of feedback for people's learning, how 360 works, how to harness its special powers, the crucial facts on how feedback helps humans develop.
  • Sample communications.
  • How 360-degree feedback can help your organization learn and grow.
  • How to design a 360 process for an organization—the complete 7-step process, including goal-setting and preparing the leadership, the design team, and the administrator.
  • The 4 key factors to encourage responders, reduce anxiety, and ensure a successful 360-degree feedback project.

Volume 2.

Workshop: The Art of Receiving Feedback

3-hour scripted preparation workshop for subjects of the 360-degree feedback process.

Partial contents:

  • The concept, the benefits, and the power of 360-degree feedback
  • Common reactions to feedback
  • A model for understanding and receiving feedback
  • How to select responders
  • How to create a supportive environment and overcome barriers
  • How to ensure confidentiality
  • How to communicate with responders

Volume 3.

Workshop: The Art of Giving Feedback

A 3-hour scripted preparation workshop for responders in the 360-degree feedback process.

Partial contents:

  • The benefits and opportunities in being a responder
  • Concerns about giving feedback
  • Do's and don'ts of giving feedback
  • How to avoid common rating errors
  • How to offer additional, constructive comments

Volume 4.

Workshop: The Receptivity Workshop for Receiving Feedback

A 3-hour scripted group debrief workshop for subjects where they receive their reports.

Partial contents:

  • Creating a positive feedback mindset
  • Getting the most value from your report
  • Understanding ratings
  • Making sense of the comments
  • Preparing for the individual debrief
  • Closing the feedback loop with responders

Volume 5.

Coaching Sessions for Individual Subjects

A guide to conducting 2 one-on-one coaching meetings with subjects of the 360-degree feedback process.

Partial contents:

  • Warming up the session
  • Celebration of successes: Focusing on the good news
  • Addressing areas for development: Attending to the challenging feedback
  • Commitment to change: Turning reflection into promise
  • Action planning: Turning promise into action
  • Conclusion: Empowering the journey

The Kit also includes

  • Sample communications for use with the 360-degree feedback process
  • Practical suggestions to ensure confidentiality
  • Practical workshop activities to improve the quality of the feedback
  • Experiential, meaningful exercises using real-life examples
  • Book: Leadership Coaching for the Workplace by Timothy Bentley and Esther Kohn-Bentley
  • PowerPoint presentations to accompany all workshops
  • Facilitator's Forms (reproducible)
  • Participant handouts/guides (reproducible) for all workshops