Our Famous Support

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No-Hassle Updates

Harness the power of Software-As-A-Service by using our unique approach to product updates. You receive the benefit of upgrades several times a year, automatically and without effort.

  • No action required on your part
  • No demands on IT Department
  • No cost
  • No downloads
  • No maintenance

Friendly, Just-In-Time Support

Panoramic Feedback users rarely require support because we've designed our system to be straightforward and easy to understand.

Abundant on-screen Help and a clearly-written Manual answer their questions quickly and conveniently.

But those who appreciate the added security of personal support know that they will get a quick response to their questions during business hours, whether by email or phone.

The customer service is about the best I have ever experienced from a vendor. You can call and actually talk to people doing the programming and get a straight answer and a helpful response.

Anthony Saccone
Leadership Development Worldwide, LLP